CEO Message

Welcome to the homepage of L&K!

The game business is related to the high-tech computer industry as well as to the culture industry. Games are also distinguished from other culture industries since they are highly interactive media. Korea has introduced to the whole world an entertainment platform, online games, and cemented its status as a powerhouse in information technology.

L&K is aiming to provide compelling online entertainment software to not only teenagers but to people of all ages in Korea. Furthermore, we are determined to spread the excellence of Korean entertainment culture and create and distribute unsurpassed online content.

Our vision statement, 'Always ON' represents our willingness to be always wide awake and commitment to create entertainment experiences that will live up to the era of online computing in the days ahead. With an open mind, we develop and publish entertainment content of the highest quality you can meet and enjoy anytime, anywhere.

We are dedicated to satisfying our customers, who always send us encouraging cheers and applause, with determination and ingenuity that has made us a national leader in the game industry. Thank  You.

L&K Co.,Ltd. CEO Nam, Taeg Won