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Mirror War-Reincarnation of Holiness is the latest version of Mirror War series where three groups relentlessly continue war against each other: Evil Force and Carad Hartsare who made it and his loyal servant Saulian; Culgulheru Desmone, a lonesome Grand Mage who inherited cursed blood; and Liberation Team with Beliv Shoring, the Woman of Silver. The sequel of Mirror War series came out 10 years after Mirror War-Woman of Silver.

Its scintillating world view and impressive supporting characters add depth to the story and give a real sense of role-playing game. Players play different scenarios according to the group they choose in the beginning. This classic shooting game lowered the barrier to entry for players by adopting an easy-to-learn system.

The shooting RPG brings instant fun with a mere combination of arrow keys, shooting buttons, and action buttons and presents a new way of depicting the fantasy world in online games.

Game info

Game Info
Title Mirror War – Reincarnation of Holiness
Platform PC Online
Genre Online Shooting RPG (Pay-per-item)
Published October 2012


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