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Red Stone

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Red Stone, which is one of the most important titles of L&K, is an online RPG which started in May 2003. The game established itself as one of the best games in Korea and has enjoyed great popularity around the world, especially in Japan.

Players are adventurers who explore the continent of Frandel to find the Red Stone, which is said to had fallen from the Celestial World. Characters can transform into a different one, which offers players a unique experience. For example, a wizard who uses magic from long-range to attack can get out of difficulties by changing into a werewolf, who fights using his claws from a short distance.

Players never get bored as the game features exciting battles and different level systems for character and skill.

Game info

Game Info
Title Red Stone
Platform PC Online
Genre Online Role-playing (Pay-per-item)
Published Jan 2004


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